Obama to Indonesia with His Favorite Food

Obama has some other food that he likes as well as other family members

Satay - Image Credit P Widi Hatmi

Favorite food from President Obama, the 44th president of the United States has been widely known by many, as quoted in an online media, including several types of Mexican food, such as tortilla soup, guacamole and taco.

Obama also frequently visited his favorite restaurant, the Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Hyde Park, Chicago to enjoy pizza.

As written on The Daily Meal, Obama's other favorite foods are salmon and broccoli, and even become one of the food menu that must exist in the White House during Obama served as president.

Well, this time Obama will vacation to the island of Bali from Friday, June 23, for six days, followed by Yogyakarta and ended in Jakarta. As is known, he once lived in Indonesia, when through his childhood in Jakarta with his mother, so as to provide his own memories.

Indonesian culinary - Image Credit P Widi Hatmi

His wife Michelle and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia soon found out some of the typical Indonesian food that became the president's favorite.

1. Satay

Obama really likes sate, it is known when he visited Indonesia in 2010, Obama informed it during a speech.

He often ate chicken satay, or goat satay when he was little at his house in the area of Menteng Dalam, Jakarta.

2. Meatballs (baso - locals)

In addition to the satay in the restaurant, but also when a traveling trader who sells satay and meatballs or baso that use carts around in his home environment.

3. Pepes Fish

Obama is also a spicy food lovers, this is known through the menu presented at his home. He always eats cabai chili sauce (which is processed from chili) and is always there at the dinner table.

Pepes fish is a kind of processed fish in such a way with vegetables, boiled with spicy seasoning, wrapped in banana leaves and served on the table.

4. Sambal Tempe (Tempe Sauce)

Typical food from the basic ingredients of tempeh, was spicy and delicious as a food menu since childhood.

Pepes fish and sambal tempe is a food that is always there at every opportunity in the homes of Indonesian families, as well as in restaurants.

5. Fried Rice

Fried rice is an easy to find food in Indonesia wherever you are. You can find street vendors by the side of the road, up to the top restaurants.

Fried rice is commonly a menu in many places, because it can be eaten in all occasions, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Since childhood, Obama has been familiar with fried rice, no wonder he likes this menu in many situations.

You can observe all kinds of favorite foods from President Obama, but one of the most favorite is his fried rice.

Fried rice can indeed be served in many mixed meat or other mixed menus, such as goat, chicken, seafood, even chicken eggs.

If you like spicy food and travel to tropical islands, it is not wrong to try one of the foods of this archipelago. As Obama is so fond of various types of food menu typical of Indonesia.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: P Widi Hatmi


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