Flying Without Bad 'Neighbors'

But with the consequences for passengers to pay more expensive

Etihad Airways Airbus A340-600 at Frankfurt Airport - Image Credit Maarten Visser

Annoying passengers are often found in travel events by airplane, especially for travelers who are traveling long distances with the consequences of colleagues in an annoying sitting next to each other.

You will feel annoyed with the passengers, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, June 25, who wrote some of the reasons why passengers are bad, if the passengers in the next seat behave as arbitrarily, such as controlling the armrests or talking too loudly.

Already to be expected if you feel uncomfortable with this unfavorable situation, and apparently there is an airline from the Middle East region who takes the opportunity to give comfort to their passengers.

The airlines, Etihad now launches new services for economy class passengers who do not want passengers next to them.

The service is called 'Neighbor-Free Seat', as written on the sites Travel and Leisure on Sunday, June 25, where passengers can bargain for each other to clear the adjacent bench, even more interesting is the offer to vacate up to three benches next to it.

This offer is set without the initial price, but will follow the price given between passengers, and they guarantee that the offer price will be very affordable.

"We really enjoy the situation that happens when bargaining occurs," said one passenger.

You can understand why things like this can happen, all starting with the comfort that some passengers want, when they travel on the plane on long-haul routes.

As written on the article, this service is considered to provide passenger solutions that often complain disrupted with passengers next to it. Of course Etihad hopes to gain profit.

Etihad is concerned with their passenger needs, and is part of a policy that is currently focusing on "pampering" economy-class passengers, whose numbers are currently increasing.

As previously known from the airline is a lounge service for economy class passengers at European, US and Australian airports, with rates starting from US$ 75 to US$ 250 per passenger.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Maarten Visser via Wikipedia


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