No More New Hotel in Venice

As part of the policy to limit the number of foreign tourists visiting

Venice canal - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Tourism program is always synonymous with bringing tourists from various parts of the world, from anywhere, from any country, everywhere to come to visit a tourist area in a place or in a country.

But. This is no longer interesting for the citizens of the city of Venice, they feel annoyed by the increasing presence of tourists to the city of exotic gondola.

Venice is visited annually around 22 million foreign tourists, or 60 thousand tourists into the city, which is much more than local residents.

You certainly know with the threat of city dwellers, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, today, which states it will be an exodus, if the city government does not limit the number of foreign tourists visiting.

As reported later, the local government has issued a ban on the opening of new hotels and inns, which are expected to reduce the number of holidaymakers to cities with lots of rivers and canals.

They were seriously considering the development of the city, as Massimiliano De Martin, the Venetian spatial planning consultant who proposed the policy plan to the Mayor.

Basically he submitted a proposal to ban the opening of new hotels should be taken precisely to protect local residents who became the main motor of the city.

De Martin said, citing the sites The Telegraph, more and more investors are buying a classic building that had previously been a residence of the population and turned it into a hotel. The impact is certainly disturbing the citizens of the city, the Venetian, they are pressed by foreign tourists who keep coming.

City residents threatened to leave, as submitted by local media, until the end of last year the city's original inhabitants were only 55 thousand inhabitants. Concerns can happen if depopulation continues, then by 2030 the city will not have a Venetian.

As known by the citizens' action in November 2016 ago, they took to the streets, creating a viral action by spreading the #Venexodus tag on social media. Even more extreme to block the Canal Giudecca with a row of gondola boats so that cruises can not dock at the port in the city.

Gondola driver - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Pino Musolino, President of the Venetian Port Authority, said, "Venice could lose cruise ship tourists if left alone."

The local government has considered it well, siding with the local people by restoring a balance between the economic and social interests of the city. Do not worry, you can still enjoy local culinary from the townspeople, and no more new fast food restaurants.

When you come to Venice, one day, do not be surprised if there are no new hotels including other pro-Venetian policies. Certainly!

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: P Djayasupena


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