Drinks to Avoid During Summer Vacation

The summer gets closer and remains alert to various foods and drinks

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Entering the summer vacation is in sight, and you may have been working on a great deal in the near future. Often you appear in such a hurry, so later in the holidays things become less alert.

One of the things you should pay attention to in the holidays is to pay attention to the types of food and drink you will eat in a vacation spot.

If you choose a tropical region, such as an excerpt from an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, some time ago, it would have to be ready with the air tending to be hotter, you would be more easily exposed to the sun.

The heat of the sun, the humid air, makes you want to drink immediately, refreshing cold drinks.

But you deserve to be vigilant, there are three types of beverages to avoid during the summer, especially in the scorching afternoon of a study that has been done before.

Like the good reviews on the sites Prevention, the three types of beverages that should be avoided, instead of eliminating thirst, can actually make the body more dehydrated.

Soda water

Cold soda is refreshing, but it will not make your body feel fresh, instead you will feel more thirsty afterwards. Soda actually makes the body more fluid and trigger dehydration.

The American Physiological Society writes that soda is not feasible as a reliever of thirst, it actually aggravates dehydration, it can even damage the kidneys compared to consuming water or isotonic fluids.

You are advised to drink juice or sparkling water.


Indeed, people have known, cold beer is freshly drunk when hot air, such as soda, beer and other alcoholic beverages are diuretics that make the body more fluid through the urine.

You can find other ways to relieve thirst and dehydration by consuming cold water or other healthy drinks, juices or the like.

Coffee and tea

Both types of drinks can indeed tempt, ice tea and coffee ice is a favorite drink, but tea and coffee are diuretic that can aggravate dehydration.

You can choose a more health-conscious drink, choose white water as the first step to adapt to your body.

If you really want to drink coffee or tea, of course, but give time for the body for a moment, before enjoying your favorite iced tea and iced coffee.

You want a summer vacation, just as well. Maintaining a healthy body is the main thing, so it's worth paying attention to healthy foods and beverages on your vacation trip.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Prevention
Image: Kaya Toast


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