Photo of Selfie As the Boarding Pass

In the near future it will be used by the low cost carrier (LCC) airlines from New York, JetBlue

JetBlue Airbus A321 N937JB at JFK Airport - Image credit Adam Moreira

Selfie photos has become a lifestyle, so the minds of most young people age, or better known as the millennial, even at more mature people. The fever to do selfie has become the lifestyle of city people in general.

This seems to be getting the attention of an American low cost carrier (LCC), precisely from New York City, the JetBlue airline, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, they will use face recognition biometric technology when passengers check-in at the airport.

Of course the procedure is like a self-photo action, passengers pose their selfie in front of JetBlue airport officer, the passengers immediately get the mark as a boarding pass and immediately boarded the plane.

New technology that will be tested starting June 2017 as a 'board in a snap' that will replace the conventional boarding pass.

When the photos done at the check-in desk, it will be connected to the U.S. Data Center of Customs and Border Protection, which will match the passenger photos with the passport as well as the flight number that have been purchased.

Well, if in a timely manner the system responds accordingly, then the passenger can go directly into the plane cabin.

JetBlue has been trying to make this biometric system run well, from ground crew to cabin, for example the airline crew will be equipped with mini iPad, which will help them monitor boarding process at the airport.

An interesting response from the media, such as a quote from an interview in Daily Mail, Thursday, June 8 to Joanna Geraghty, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience JetBlue.

"With this way we want to reduce the queue of passengers on the check-in table for boarding."

The interviews further writes as presented by Geraghty, the board in a snap service of the JetBlue will eliminate the process of passing passport scanning and passport control manually.

The test phase will take place within a certain time until the JetBlue management considers the biometric system to work well, because on a wider scale, it is possible that the technology will be implemented in all US airline flights.

Keep traveling in a known way, and then selfie!

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail
Image: Adam Moreira via Wikipedia


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