US Citizens Enter Cuba with Strict Requirements

The impact of President Donald Trump's decision to tighten Americans to travel to Cuba

Havana, Cuba - Image Credit Vgenecr from nl, September 2005

Cuba's vacation to the citizens of the United States seems to be unfavorable today, due to the impact of the decision of their Head of State, Donald Trump in the policy of his citizens to travel, especially to Cuba.

Americans are looking for ways to meet their expectations of going there, according to a quote from the sites CNN Indonesia, June 20, moreover Trump is still opening up the opportunity for its citizens to take a vacation to Cuba, of course with a number of stringent conditions.

You can find some descriptions of articles about these requirements, such as on the sites New York Times, a number of conditions as well as fundamental questions for potential US travelers who already have plans to visit Cuba.

1. How to travel to Cuba?

Travel to Cuba by obtaining a special permit, or purchase a group holiday package organized by a company holding a license from the US Government.

In other words travelers can not enter Cuba independently.

2. What if already purchased tickets and hotel rooms independently?

There is a separate provision from the US Treasury Department for the US citizens who already have a plane ticket and have booked the hotel, before the new policy goes to continue the journey.

3. How to get a visa?

In order to enter Cuba, travelers need a tourist card to enter the country.

The card will be part of the travel package purchased.

4. Is it still possible to fly to Cuba on a commercial aircraft?

Of course there is no prohibition of Trump's policies for its citizens through airports or ports, even to do business by say local military circles.

As previously known that starting August 2017, several US airlines plan to open direct flights to major cities in Cuba such as Holguín, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

You can see some scheduled flights to Cuba like JetBlue and American Airlines, though they then adjust to smaller airplanes to anticipate the vacancy of the number of US travelers to Cuba.

5. Overnight in Cuba

The policies compiled by the Trump Administration clearly prohibit their citizens from staying in hotels run by the country's military regime.

US citizens are advised to stay at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel run by Starwood, a US hotel chain.

Insofar as the provisions set by the United States government, the tourists can travel to the country of the cigar and meet the curiosity of enjoying the exotic island of Cuba.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, New York Times
Image: Vgenecr from nl via Wikipedia


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