Holiday Makes It Easier to Move Jobs

No more worries with a very diligent workmate to come to the office

Let's get ready for the next trip! - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Promotion opportunities in work is the hope of professional workers, no wonder if there is a spirit of competition with colleagues. Concerns to coworkers who might get promoted in their positions, and lead to increased monthly income and other facilities.

You even get to know a lot of professional workers who are hesitant to take leave, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, today, solely the worries, but now no longer need to worry that in accordance with a recent research conducted by Hostelworld, it denies that assumption.

Of the many respondents, approximately 1000 respondents from eight countries, namely Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and South Korea were asked to complete the survey online.

Research does a number of interesting questions to respondents working in the company's human resources field, and has the authority to hire employees, where all is centered on trust in a candidate - who likes traveling to be more deserving to work.

You can see the reality, 64 percent of respondents believe that the prospective employees of that category are more deserving to work, all the reasons given about it, as much as 38 percent of respondents believe the holiday can increase workers' confidence.

They then received a rating of 37 percent of the other respondents who call the holiday can improve the ability of workers, and 35 percent reasoned passion to come to the new area can make workers quickly adapt.

The logical reason, that the holidays can improve the ability to communicate, open the discourse of prospective workers, and educate the perpetrators manage money well.

Further research shows that traveling can help a person understand what goals to achieve in life, get acquainted with new people who can be the entrance to jump into other companies.

An interesting description from Feargal Mooney, Chief Executive Officer of Hostelworld, quoted from the sites Travel and Leisure, Tuesday, June 20.

"We know there is a lot of doubt for a vacation, from pursuing a career to having to prioritize the money it has to pay off home bills, but the results of our research denied it all."

When a person gets an appreciation for the hard work that every day at work, Mooney thinks someone deserves a vacation to travel to another country and do not reject it, because maybe someday will regret his/her decision.

"In addition to providing space for yourself, a vacation can be an opportunity for a person to know what is desired in life and pursue that desire."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan


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