'Let's Move' and 'Drink Up' - Healthy Campaign from Michelle Obama

During the time accompanying her husband, former First Lady Michelle Obama spawned many healthy campaigns

Michelle, Malia and Sasha at DNC – Image Credit Ava Lowery

The campaign to reduce childhood obesity is one of the calls for healthy living presented by former First Lady of The United States, and the campaigns like this provide a new perspective for all citizens in Uncle Sam's country to live a meaningful life.

Accompanying the task of the head of state, quoting the site detikFood, today, Michelle Obama activity is very meaningful for anyone, among others, reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity in America, and healthy food campaigns at school.

Inevitably the attention of the public at the sight of the Obama family's holiday news in Bali, staying in a traditional natural village at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Ubud, and they immediately remember the role of Michelle Obama during the promotion of a healthy life campaign.

1. Campaigns reduce childhood obesity

The campaign began in 2010 to reduce child obesity in America, which has continued to grow since 1980, a total movement of all parties, the private sector, academia and more, so Let's Move involves a wide range of stakeholders.

Michelle also adopted a healthy diet in her family, her two children, Sasha and Malia used to eat vegetables and eat fish 3 times a week.

2. Drink more water campaign

Drink Up Campaign in 2013 by holding many parties including Partnership for America, beverage and celebrity industries like Eva Longoria.

Drinking plenty of water is the best thing an individual can do for their health. In accordance with the fact that about 40 percent of Americans drink less than 4 glasses of water per day.

You know that water consumption is as much as 8 glasses per day.

"Very simply, adding one glass of mineral water per day can make a real difference to your health, energy and what you feel every day," she said.

3. Campaign restrictions on fast food at school

The year 2014 began a campaign to limit junk food marketing in schools. Companies that want to promote their products at school, to offer snacks or beverages according to the nutritional standards set by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

The Ricefields of Ubud, Bali – Image Credit D Asih Abadhy

4. Campaign restrictions on fast food ads in schools

Michelle Obama is driving campaigns against fast food ads for children in schools and surrounding areas.

"If an advertising company wants to make a profit on children by deliberately creating interesting junk food ads, why do not we oppose it with healthy food advertisements."

In 2015 with Partnership for Healthier America formed the FNV campaign which stands for "Fruits and Vegetables" for children and adolescents.

5. Choosing a creative way

Michelle creatively invites celebrities and prominent figures, and then releases a rap album titled "Songs for a Healthier America" ​​which was released in 2013 with 10 songs including U R What You Eat, Veggie Luv and We Like Vegetables.

An effective way of mobilizing the community by involving many singers, such as Dr. Oz, Jordin Sparks, Travis Baker and Doug E. Fresh.

The very special role of former First Lady, Michelle Obama will always be carried on in the minds of the public to continue to lead a healthy life.

Source: Andi A Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, detikCom
Image: Ava Lowery via Wikipedia


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