Travel Insurance Can Avoid Losses

Calculate the profit-loss if you really want to buy it in a travel plan

Tourists prepare for departure gate - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Travel insurance can be considered in many trips where a person will travel, especially if you want to travel to a place you may not know well, or may have unaccountable risks on the way.

All of things back on to the individual concerned, each resident in a country has its own characteristics, say in developing countries, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, June 14, the awareness of tourists sometimes can be fairly low today.

You probably know when in a more developed country, when people have higher purchasing power, buying travel insurance is likely to be a bigger deterrent to losses that may occur during a vacation.

Of course you need to know some types of insurance claims when it wants to buy it, including baggage loss, flight cancellation, even life insurance.

An insurance consultant, Christopher Elliott, who runs the website, quoted on Tuesday, June 13, as an article review on the CNBC said that travelers would need to question a few things before deciding to buy the insurance.

1. How much money is spent on vacation?

You should always check the flight cancellation policy, the hotel, and the car rental of the tour. The impact is you can calculate how much will be lost, if the trip has to be canceled or delayed.

If you calculate the total is greater than the ability to pay by credit card, travel insurance must be purchased by travelers.

2. What is the fear of the trip?

Here you can find out how an insurance company, they tend to learn the main reason for potential travelers who canceling the tour, before deciding to return the money that has been deposited.

Especially if the reasons tend to be contrived, such as worrying about a terrorist attack in the country to be visited, or worry exposed to the Zika virus, then insurance claims will not be replaced.

3. Is the trip not yet protected?

You can research once again before purchasing travel insurance from a third-party company, whether the service provider company, such as airlines, inns, and other companies you choose to facilitate the holiday, has already set prices including insurance.

As Elliott pointed out, travelers should often check again and again, before deciding to buy the insurance package offered.

"The reason to buy travel insurance is not the same as one person to another, because the types of trips are also different."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, CNBC
Image: M Kretyawan


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