Unicorn Pizza Trends Become A Stunning Cuisine

Culinary trends are interesting to look at, but are hated by netizens

Unicorn Pizza - Image Credit IG @danielletullo

The pizza favored by many culinary enthusiasts consists of a wide variety of types, especially toppings to be the determinant of giving a certain flavor. You probably already know where the specialty of each type of pizza.

A busy afternoon and maybe you're quite busy with work, so enjoying a pizza at a restaurant will be amazing, a variety of tempting toppings, like pizza with mushroom, smoked, seafood to pepperoni toppings.

Those who move in the culinary world certainly never stop creating, so present a new trend, they continue to look for a visual display that pamper the eyes to the materials that are not commonly used.

This time a recent trend, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, June 12, unicorn noodle trends, latte to dessert like cotton candy that coloring like the rainbow. And finally pizza gets a turn, the unicorn trend arrives in the latest creations, unicorn pizza.

You must be hard to imagine, because this menu is so popular in the whole world with its visual form. Apparently the trend of unicorn pizza has not received a positive response from the netizens, they react strongly, that this culinary is just a joke and should not be popularized through viral news.

Regardless of the unicorn pizza is able to give attention to Instagram users who always like the latest moments, the present, and also the attention of the food bloggers.

You can imagine how it looks, the colors of the rainbow dominate the pizza, which happens to be transformed into a dessert dish.

But that's how it happens, Industry Kitchen in New York popularized it as the Pop Candy Land Pizza, although they also releasing a series of unicorn pizzas made from bread dough with vanilla cream sprinkles, candy, cotton candy and colorful bran.

Unicorn pizza as if 'against nature' as the main food, as delivered by an account in Instagram, this pizza is nothing but a large cake wrapped by cotton candy.

Probably true, you do not need to expect this unicorn pizza as an entree to relieve hunger, but just as a snack only.

Well then, according to the advice of health experts to nutritionists, this dish is not suitable for dinner, because of its high sugar content to strong food coloring.

Source: F Thaeras - CNN Indonesia, IG
Image: Industry Kitchen at Instagram


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