Chocolate Affected by Ransomware Virus

Cadbury's chocolate factory in Australia got a virus attack on Tuesday last week

Cella Chocolate with cherries, illustration - Image credit Evan-Amos

The Ransomware virus attack has reached a chocolate factory in Sydney, a virus that has plagued many computer systems in many countries, thus delaying some chocolate lovers in Australia especially.

You can guess if a computer system in an office environment gets a virus attack, this can disrupt the company's operations, including in this case the food and culinary plant.

As known from many news circulating, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, June 28, the attack also disrupts computers in Russian oil companies, some banks in Ukraine, and other multinational institutions.

You can read the information circulating in various media about the cruelty of this virus, Ransomware WannaCry has previously infected more than 300 thousand computers in the world.

This virus is very disturbing to make the computer data locked and impossible to access, and really bad consequences because the hacker demands a ransom fee of US$ 300 dollars in the form of bitcoin, for data back can be accessed.

The disruption in Sydney got a response from John Short, Australian Manufacturing and Employers Union Secretary, as quoted by Reuters website, that production at the Cadbury plant in Tasmania state stopped on Tuesday after the computer system was paralyzed.

"The factory workers are not exactly sure what's going on, but after a night they're aware there have been some significant attacks that hit the world."

Another response from Cadbury trademark holder, Mondelez International Inc, said their staff in some other parts of the world are also experiencing technical problems, but it is not certain that the problem is caused by the Petya virus (new version of Ransomware virus) or the like.

Keep in mind that chocolate factory operations are heavily dependent on workers, now there are about 500 people, producing about 50 thousand tons of chocolate per year, and mostly sold in Australia.

You can guess if there is an interruption of operation, production can not continue on Wednesday, June 28 morning, and there is no certainty when production can proceed.

The WannaCry virus attacks and the like are a reminder to all Australian businesses to regularly back up their data and update the data security system on a regular basis,” said Australian Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan.

If so, maybe these weeks are the time you should accept to delay chocolate. Let's say for the time being.

Source: Mesha Mediani - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia


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