Solo Traveling Becomes a New Vacation Trend

The needs of travelers to explore the tourist area alone without being tied to many things

Solo traveling is always interesting and fun - Image Credit W Sjahran

Traveling alone can be a specific need for some travelers, given the characteristic of a person who is always filled with curiosity when they are in one of the tourist areas or a destination country.

There is always a logical reason for it, as quoted from the sites CNN Indonesia, June 25, say the reason for the freedom to explore without having to adjust time with others, can be regarded as the main reason.

This is the subject of a review on a site, The Press and Journal that gives a list of reasons, why one should try to travel alone, may be acceptable for good reasons.

1. Free

You can compile a list of tourist objects that must be visited while on vacation, then you can do it without having to worry, although others who join the holiday together would not necessarily like to visit the place.

In other words a person who travel alone will determine in advance the places that have been prepared.

2. Get acquainted with new people

Traveling alone allows you to meet new people on the go. It's lucky if the new friend has the same tastes and hobbies.

Walking with someone who has the same tastes will be more fun.

3. Know and satisfy yourself

A traveler will have as much vacation time as he wants, just for the traveler's sake and happiness.

You can imagine if you enjoy your time as much, and can enjoy the attraction well without being disturbed by others.

4. Without drama

Imagine you can avoid the disagreements that might arise with someone on a holiday trip together, and this can be avoided if you travel independently.

It often happens when one party feels unhappy with the tourist object visited.

5. Longing is important

When you are away from home on a solo trip, it will surely come to feel a longing with home or your spouse and family.

You will feel the journey home to be so precious, you can appreciate more time with them.

It is a good phenomenon to gain new experiences on a single journey to various attractions in different parts of the world. Solo traveling is worth trying.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, The Press and Journal
Image: W Sjahran


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