US Airlines Service Complaints Soared Drastically

More and more passengers are protesting the services they get from airlines

AA Flagship Freedom - Image credit Anthony92931

Complaint of the airline services into a way out for one or more passengers who use the services of an airline, can slightly reduce their disappointment. Regardless of the benefits of aviation for mankind in the recent centuries in facilitating human migration.

But. Facts can not be hidden by the presence of complaints, quoting an article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, that more passengers are protesting against services provided by airlines from the United States (US).

Even you will be surprised to see their drastic surge protest, especially in recent years.

When looking at other data presented by the US Department of Transportation, the number of complaints rose to 1,909 until April 2017, visible in real terms that the number has skyrocketed 70 percent over the same period of the previous year.

As Paul Hudson, founder of, the organization that defends the rights of passengers on the plane, expressed his opinion on passenger complaints.

Excerpts from the sites Travel and Leisure, Monday, June 19, revealed what happened to David Dao in the past few months.

"The growing number of complaints was triggered by the spread of video of United Airlines crew that forced down David Dao on April 9. Many passengers who feel harmed, then dare to speak up."

You can see the list of complaints from disappointed passengers.

It turned out that instead of United Airlines' most accepting complaints, the airline's most disappointing top flight in a row was American Airlines - 324 complaints, Delta Airlines - 297 complaints, and United Airlines - 265 complaints.

The data then show that the most frequently reported complaints are related to the cancellation and flight delay of 753 complaints, followed by complaints about lost or damaged baggage of 241 complaints.

Bill Shuster, Chairman of the Transportation Committee of the US Legislative Council, agrees.

"If airlines do not fix this, we will take firm action," he said.

It seems to be a lot of changes, some airlines have responded by making some improvements in the system and service procedures to the passenger plane.

Try to see the policy of American Airlines originally in May 2017 will narrow the distance between seats on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that operated as much as two inches. They cancel it, and passengers will see other improvements in the future.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Anthony92931 via Wikipedia


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