Countries with Cheapest Airfare Rates

In accordance with the cheapest airline ticket price per 100 km trip

Garuda Indonesia - Image Credit Garuda Indonesia

Cheap airfare tickets, of course, can attract the attention of many people who often travel by airplane, especially for those lovers of travel. Finding cheap ticket prices makes them more excited to be on the go.

I thought you would agree on something like this, the reviews from the site detikTravel, June 1st, and the price of ticketing is available in some countries in the world, and no doubt, if some of these countries are the countries favored by traveler.

You can look at the next list below, and it is believed to make the tourists happy. Fly and do not make your wallet empty.

This is in line with reviews from website, which reports in accordance with Flight Price Index 2017, which is how to measure the price of a country's airfare as compared to fuel prices, competition between airlines, weather and even the political situation.

They surveyed 80 countries in the world that have a number of airlines, the results provide an interesting fact, and you immediately know how cheap ticket prices in the country.

The size of airfare, for example in some countries, say in Indonesia per 100 km of travel in Indonesia is USD 6.49, while in Malaysia only USD 4.18.

Oliver Dlouhy, CEO of tells on their site about information to choose destinations to travel further.

"By tracing the fare of every country, travelers can have a lot of information to choose destinations to travel more in budget, travelers know the ideal route, time and price, so we give them the tools."

All right, you can see a list of 10 countries with the cheapest ticket prices per 100 km trip.

1. Malaysia US$ 4.18
2. Bulgaria US$ 4.65
3. India US$ 4.96
4. Turkey US$ 6.28
5. Rumania US$ 6.46

6. Indonesia US$ 6.49
7. Portugal US$ 6.50
8. Thailand US$ 6.74
9. Sweden US$ 6.96
10. Spain US $ 7.08

Now you can see in other countries in Bulgaria, India, Turkey and Rumania also still cheaper than Indonesia, and you can see these ten countries, tickets are certainly cheaper than the remaining 70 countries.

Source: F Ramadhanny - detikTravel,
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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