London Tourism Counts the Impact of Terrorist Attacks

Especially the impact of the loss of terrorist attacks on the London Bridge some time ago

London - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Terrorist attacks in several European countries, say like the last incident on the London Bridge and Borough Market that have a very wide impact to various sectors, especially for tourists who will plan a trip to Europe.

You know for sure, many doubts in sight, quoting an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, travelers will definitely re-think to travel to the British capital after the attack.

Widespread impact, especially for the tourism world in the capital of England, 700 thousand people engaged and work in the tourism industry such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, and public transport with an industry turnover value reached 36 billion euros per year.

There are no exact counters, such as John O'Ceallaigh's review in The Telegraph on Wednesday, June 7, mainly from those of the tourism industry who issued official figures on the attack to their businesses.

For example you can see the comparison in France, during a terror attack, November 2015 a group of terrorists attacked Paris, the number of domestic and international tourists who came to the city dropped about 30 percent.

"Most likely the same thing happened in London."

But soon came a rebuttal from Laura Citron, CEO of The Capital's Tourism Board London & Partners.

She noted that the aftermath of the death toll resulting from three terrorists crashed into a van in London Bridge and stabbed people around the Borough Market, the number of ticket bookings through travel agents to the city rose by 6.7 percent.

Of course there are certain reasons with the visits of tourists from one city that is different from other cities in other countries, many related factors are difficult to explain.

There is always optimism from them, tourism industry actors, such as Nick Varney, Chief Executive of Merlin Entertainments in his interview to Travel Weekly, which operates the wax museum of Madame Tussauds and the giant London Eye remains optimistic that the number of tourists coming to town will not be drastically reduced.

"We've been through this kind of terror, the attack that shows the resilience of London, and its ability to bounce back."

Self-confidence, London has a uniqueness, he said. Although later he acknowledged the impact widely.

"But only in the short term."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph, Travel Weekly
Image: P Djayasupena


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