Agoraphobia and How They Traveled

Jacqui Kenny, a New Zealand citizen has a way of traveling through Streetview

The Cactus of Peru - Image Credit Jacqui Kenny

Holidays with virtual technology from Google Maps seem to be unlikely, you can make it creative and imaginative, and it has been proven by a New Zealander who recently moved to London. She is an agoraphobia sufferer, someone who has a fear of the environment outside their home.

You will feel something contradictory on one side, afraid to get out of the house, and on the other hand have the desire to travel to various other places in the world. This will bring some sort of suffering to anyone who experiences a similar situation.

Jacqui Kenny does not want to suffer any further, she looks for solutions by searching for the advantages possessed by the virtual world and the internet, and she finds it through virtual technology from Google Maps, or more specifically on the Streetview feature.

She does not want to make the situation more difficult with her fear of getting out of her house, despite the streets around where she lives, and her desire to travel.

The Camel, Senegal - Image Credit Jacqui Kenny

Walking around the world has always been her dream, just like anyone else, Kenny finds a way for her to travel the world without fear.

That's what happened, she ventured into hidden places with different points of view, and no one suspected then her instagram account got wide response from her fans and continued to grow.

The journey starts from Mongolia, Peru, Chile and Senegal without setting foot in those places, and apparently she has artistic and artistic sense of photography.

The Tree, Chile - Image Credit Jacqui Kenny

She took a few steps to make this virtual trip recording an impression, she did a screenshot on a unique and specific spot, then with a bit of editing on the image.

You know, once again a surprise, Google appreciates this creativity, then invites to work together to promote Google Street View in an art exhibition in New York. Her works got a price tag starting at USD 33.

Jacqui Kenny looks happy in her blog writing on Google's.

"The more I travel, the more I discover the seemingly plucked landscape of the strange and vast universe, I find isolated cities and dusty landscapes, dynamic architectural gems, and anonymous people, all frozen in time."

Kenny is incredible, exploring on a virtual screen, and discovering instagrammable hidden places.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Google Streetview, Agoraphobic Traveler
Image: Jacqui Kenny/The Agoraphobic Traveler


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