Smart while Enjoying a Delicious Gelato

Recognize the characteristics and differences with similar culinary similar to ice cream

The Gelato - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Enjoying gelato is often misunderstood as ice cream that has been known more first by the general urban community, they even think there is no real difference. Like the reviews on a food website, that dish is much imitated with the wrong mixing, to make it cheaper to produce.

It is not wrong for people to think so, quoting TravelKompas, today, November 25, gelato and ice cream do have a very similar look, despite the offer for culinary enthusiasts inclined to ice cream solely with the same ingredients, ice cream will yielding two to three times more than gelato.

But. You need to know the difference between the two, in addition to less fat content than ice cream, gelato also contains less air. Something that makes a difference right away.

Some tips from gelato artisan expert at SIAL Interfood to the lovers who want to get good gelato and delicious taste.

See the Colors

The organizer of the gelato competition from Montebianco, Italy, Albert says the air in the gelato is only 30 percent of what is contained in ice cream.

Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, known as a gelato activist, said, "The air is in the ice particles, while inside the machine, so it expands, but ice cream expands two to three times larger than gelato."

Gelato will be have more solid color, while ice cream will be more luminous, because the air and water content more than gelato.

Fruit Flavor or Mixed Very Feel

Good gelato is a very mixed feel, according to Albert, will be very easy to distinguish while enjoying it.

"Natural gelato produces a natural flavor too, not chemical. If you try gelato with a flavor of banana mixed mango, then that should taste the mango and banana, not the odd flavor of both."

Gelato Shop - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Gelato Not Easily Melted

Fewer elements of fat and water, so the elements are more stable, as well as very small particles of ice that make gelato should not easily melt.

"But it's different when it's in the mouth.The tiny particles that make gelato are so easy to melt in the mouth over ice cream."

Although stored at a temperature of minus 14 degrees Celsius, it will be warmer in the mouth, compared to ice cream stored at temperatures of only 0 degrees Celsius.

Typical Softness

Rsa fruit in the gelato should be strong, but a good gelato will feel light in the throat. As presented by Roberto Geraci, Italian Gelato Consultant.

"Because the natural ingredients are mixed with the softness of the gelato, it will feel smooth and refreshing in the mouth and throat, if it feels smooth, but there is a frozen grain in the middle, a sign of incorrect manufacture, there are still ice grains."

Sour, but Not Make Over Sense

Fat content of the gelato in Italy should not be more than eight percent, certainly different from ice cream with fat content up to 25 percent, said Roberto.

"So the gelato is rich in protein, and the vitamins from the fruit, which enjoy it will not be delicious or delicious, it can still eat the other afterwards, although it is suitable for dessert."

This time you will be more careful in enjoying gelato, something that is definitely a more expensive price, so need to be more careful in getting a good gelato.

Source: M Irzal Adiakurnia - TravelKompas, SIAL Interfood
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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