Google Burger Emoji Being Viral

Crowded by netizens, CEOs also commented

The Burger - Image Credit Jefrey W at wikimedia

Netizens make viral with various responses in social media can have a wide impact on the topic being discussed. You know that even an emoji can be the target of their comment, this time getting the attention is emoji from a cheese burger from Google.

And something that makes the crowd lively is when the CEO talks about this debate.

You can observe well the shape of the emoji burger, quoting detikFood, Nov. 3, if there is any difference from emoji made by Google with Apple. There seems to be no deal, how to put a definite about laying a cheese burger in emoji.

Thomas Baekdal who is the owner of a reputable media company called Baekdal Media is writing his opinion about emoji burger released by Google. In an upload on Twitter, he commented on the different emoji burgers made by Apple and Google.

"I think we can discuss how a burger emoji from Google puts cheese in the meat section, while Apple puts it on top."

The situation became crowded after Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, stepped in to respond to the statement.

"We'll replace everything we've done on Monday, of course if everyone agrees that it's the right way."

Incredible netizen response in social media, some of them are questioning why they put the lettuce under the meat, and there are also some confusing emoji by placing cheese on the lettuce.

Then a Twitter account, Tero Kuttinen responded to Baekdal.

"Clearly the cheese should be on top of the meat, but the lettuce should be between the tomatoes, so both are wrong."

You can look directly at the real-world situation. For example, McDonald's tends to include cheese under meat patty, although you can see sometimes also put a cheese sheet on it.

But. There does not seem to be anything definite and there is no wrong way to arrange burger stuffing.

Apparently Pichai felt the need to make a response, "We can all agree that emoji from Samsung putting cheese on lettuce is a bit confusing from other emoji."

But. Precisely such an interesting thing to see, that every emoji has its own way to accumulate a burger.

Source: E Suhana Abdurahim - detikFood, Twitter
Image: Jefrey W at wikimedia


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