Furore After Camera Battery Exploded at Orlando Airport

Orlando International Airport had experienced a furor among passengers on Friday, November 10 last week

The Orlando International Airport seen from an arriving airplane - Image Credit Dough4872

Batteries exploding on electronic equipment can occur anytime, especially when maintenance is less thorough, and that can also happen at an airport. You know if the owner is not careful in taking care of their electronic equipment, then one day the camera will explode because of one power cord and other things that cause it.

That's what can happen to an electronic device with battery equipment, a day on Friday, November 10th at Orlando Airport, the cause of one battery from a bursting camera.

There is no need to wonder if there is a furor in the midst of an airport crowd, quoting detikTravel, today, when there is a very loud noise at the front of the airport, so airport security personnel rush to take action.

It was late afternoon at around 5 pm local time, as reported by NBC News, there was an explosion that caused a lot of attention, especially passengers who are already in the area in the departure hall. They figure out the source of the explosion, and begin to think something that is not quite right has happened, visible smoke from the source of the explosion.

Concerns soon spread to all the people at the airport, and they looked at each other for answers. What's happening?

The unnamed airport management immediately provides clarification. "As a precaution, passengers inside the airport are instructed to get out of the building when the Orlando Police and Orlando International Airport staff investigate the incident."

Lithium-ion battery under 100 watts - Image Credit Cathay Pacific

The investigation ultimately got a relieving answer to all parties, that it was known then that the origin of the hard sounds came from a camera battery that exploded and caused a fire inside the camera bag.

Phil Brown, CEO of Orlando International Airport Aviation Authority, as reported by Fox News, then gave an explanation to the media crew.

"The passenger immediately lowered the bag and everyone around immediately ran away, and the emergency room arrived and moved the bag away from the crowd."

Naturally when people at the airport were worried, they wondered if this was a continuing 'boom', no wonder then a number of queues up to delay and flight cancellations also happened.

Information obtained, it is true that the US Federal Aviation Administration is allowing passengers to carry lithium batteries with a capacity of under 100 watts in a handbag.

Unexpected surprise has happened, all parties are excited and now they can feel relief.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, NBC News, Fox News, WESH 2
Image: Dough4872 via Wikipedia, Cathay Pacific


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