The Chéfs' Debates for Food Photo 'Licenses'

The eternal debate of world-class chéfs on how to status photos of food in restaurants

The Chéf menu creation - Image Credit L Priyanti

Photographing food in restaurants is a new ritual of culinary enthusiasts everywhere, especially when they travel to interesting places of interest as a tourist destination. It seems that photographing with food has become part of the lifestyle of the current people.

You know when it has become the habit of many people, photographing food and uploaded to social media is already mushrooming everywhere.

The greatest moment is when the food comes, quoting CNN Indonesia, today, photographing food and uploaded to social media is already mushrooming everywhere.

You can think of this, what is the purpose of taking photos? People who photographed to show the form of food or food dish that makes a lot of people will be tempted by the delicacy of the food.

What do they think when shooting to get a positive impression or even increase the popularity of the restaurant? Now you know when 'The power of social media' became a means of free promotion for the restaurant.

This time it was a news in The Daily Mail that not all restaurant chéfs liked this, some restaurants objected to customers coming by taking pictures of the food they served.

Foods with Instagramming categories in France are certainly interesting, and by 2014 a group of leading chéfs later joins to campaign against "foodtography" and share images through social media owned by customers. The reviews on the site write that it can take intellectual property rights and damage the elements of beauty or surprise that exist in the food dish on the table.

Probably true, if any study says that the food served by the restaurant will taste better without the shooting, and the food will be cold.

You can see an example of a Michelin three-star restaurant in England, has put up a sign asking guests not to photograph their food at the dinner table. The article further writes that Michel Roux and Albert Roux from the Waterside Inn restaurant in Bray, Berkshire is the one that prohibits photo food.

Roux wants their customers to be able to enjoy their food rather than take food photos and upload them to instagram.

"I am really very angry with the person who took the picture. So we put a sign on the door 'Please do not take pictures'."

Lovacore Zucchini and Squash - Image Credit Lovacore Café and Resto Bali

He added with a bit of regret in the situation.

"What are they doing? A picture taken through their gadget will not be able to capture the taste in the food."

The situation gets the opposite response from celebrity chéf Gordon Ramsay through his Twitter social media page like a review on The Daily Meal website, he regards the rule as a form of pride.

"The photograph taken by the diners is a form of praise to the chef for the food served on the plate."

Ramsay added that photos of food taken by visitors, it can be utilized as a form of restaurant promotion.

You know for certain that exciting food image uploads on social media will certainly make others interested in tasting the dishes served by the restaurant.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Mail, The Daily Meal
Image: L Priyanti - NY, Lovacore Café and Resto Bali


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