Finally, Hershey's Launches New Flavor Variance

After they have been absent for the last 20 years with a new variant, "Hershey's Gold"

Hershey's Store in Times Square, New York - Image Credit CPacker at English Wikipedia

Hershey's Chocolate can be said to be a friend to most of the people who have spent their days since a long time in the past, a bit of Hershey's often present at chocolate fan homes around the world. Chocolate can be a kind of sweet memories for someone personally, of course.

Sweet flavor or other flavor variants can give a sensation for someone who enjoys every melt that fills your entire mouth cavity. Extraordinary!

Specifically for the Hershey's chocolate that comes in a special way, citing detikFood on November 4th, they launched a fourth taste called Hershey's Gold, but you should be a little surprised by the chocolate-free taste in the mix.

Chocolate company that has a long history of 117 years, and still able to bring back the iconic chocolate bars that are closely related to American history.

Perhaps you've tried a variety of Hershey's flavors, say the legendary, like a milk chocolate bar, Hershey's only produces two chocolate flavors throughout its history, Hershey's Special Dark Bar in 1939 and the white chocolate Cookies n 'Creme Bar of 1995.

Now as a manifestation of official cooperation between Hershey's with the United States Olympic Committee to coincide with 100 days towards the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. After 20 years there was a fourth taste named Hershey's Gold, and the company called it "caramelized creme".

They say that new flavors are not made from chocolate at all but rather nuts and pretzels, so the texture is creamy with a beautiful caramel color.

You can enjoy it at various chocolate shops planned to be marketed on December 1, 2017.

New flavors bring curiosity to the Food & Wine team, Nov. 1, and they get this phenomenal product sensation, and as many Hershey's Gold's crisp hopes are satisfying with a touch of saltiness from peanuts, and pretzel scents provide a tasteless flavor that does not dominate.

You can imagine if this product does not use chocolate, but there is a nice creamy trace. As recommended by Food and Wine, this variant still smells typical of Hershey's, despite the absence of chocolate.

Apparently approved by Melinda Lewis of Hershey's Franchise at The Hershey Company.

"We use a cooking technique that turns white cream into a gold bar by caramelizing the cream, which helps keep the sweetness and creamy."

Source: A Annisa Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, Food and Wine
Image: CPacker at English Wikipedia


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