Luxury Silence Traveling Without the Internet

New trends in travel with a tour to stay silent

Meditation service in the middle of the sea - Image Credit Ponant Cruises

Traveling in silence without modern equipment, as a recent surprise for the modern people who want to travel. Say this as the newest option for anyone. It's a try if you have the commitment to stay away from everything that is modern with everything gadgets, for example.

The new trend of silence while traveling, quoting an article on CNN Indonesia, October 31, tourists will not be confined in the room, but invited to perform activities without electronic devices.

Those who introduce this concept say it as a digital detox that is now really needed by many people, especially those who daily struggling with all the sophisticated equipment connected to the internet.

This is a statement from the United Nations Health Service (WHO), citing CNN Traveler, noise pollution has become a global outbreak, and noise is not only heard ear, but also felt by the brain, for example when reading drama news about politics.

You can imagine the point, if here and there the noise has become a part inherent in everyday life, of course, give a bad impact to the physical and mental person.

Alec Glasscock, CEO and founder of The Ranch Malibu in an interview delivered the same thing.

"For some people, some continue to want to connect to the internet. Someone is worried about not checking e-mails every hour. There is also a fear when not connected to social media."

Then he delivered the offer.

"The tour of silence is a form of luxury that our resort has to offer."

The tourist area as envisioned about the silence tour, The Ranch Malibu matches the concept with an overnight stay called 'Time of Silence' which can be enjoyed in daily or weekly periods.

You can learn more with a different area, say like meditation, hiking, even naptime, without turning on the electronic devices they have.

The trend was greeted with an area that offers a similar way, such as the La Puerta Resort in Mexico, which offers the concept of 'Quiet Dinner'.

Tourists will have many choices, among others also attending to tourists, L'Auberge de Sedona the spa spots, which have the 'Mind Calm' package, with a choice of massage or breathing technique classes. In fact you will find a unique cruise ship, Ponant Cruises, which offers meditation services in the middle of the sea.

Life offers a unique way through it, the concept of a vacation while keeping silence for a moment from the bustle of life is an interesting solution.

"Tourists can forget the noise everyday while listening to the waves roll and the sea breeze."

Source: CNN Indonesia, CNN Traveler
Image: Ponant Cruises


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