Trevi Fountain Coins to Pay for City Development

Tourists often throw coins at the Trevi fountain as a lucky bearer

Trevi Fountain, Rome - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Trevi Fountain coins have been famous for a long time for many tourists from all over the world visiting Rome, and it is not complete if you have not been to the fountain. There is a belief that the coins can bring good luck after the visitors threw it into the fountain pool created by Nicola Salvi and Pietro Bracci in 1762.

It has become the knowledge of many people when the coins at the bottom of the pond are usually donated to the church, such as an excerpt from an article on CNN Indonesia, Monday, November 13, and the public can understand the reason for the donation of the coin.

But. There is now a change to the coins, as it recently emerged that the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi plans to use the coins to pay for the city's development project.

Perhaps you already know, quoting Condé Nast Traveler, each year the coins from the Trevi Fountain can amount up to $ 1 million.

It is common knowledge, if not for the first time that Raggi intends to use the coins of the Trevi Fountain for the benefit of their city.

Last summer, as featured on the site, the mayor made a fine arrangement for tourists who were caught plunging or eating a drink at the fountain. And the city government of Rome is careful enough to impose fines on visitors and tourists, as well as on other historic fountains, such as the Barcaccia Fountain at the Spanish Steps.

Indeed, as the wider public knows, quoting The Guardian, the rule is only valid from summer until the end of October, so the city government is now looking for ways to increase revenue for Rome.

Many ways have been done by them, among others the admission rules for a number of tourist attractions, and they lead at first to the Temple of the Panthéon.

The presence of tourists on one side makes the city government work hard to provide the best service that brings benefits to both parties, even known when many historic buildings in Rome are renovated with personal donations.

Of course the city public knows if for example Trevi Fountain could be fixed in 2015 on the initiative fashion house of Fendi. Like other historical places in Rome.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Condé Nast Traveler, The Guardian
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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