Surprising Vegetarian Food on the Flight

A vegetarian traveler got food on the plane that surprised him

Apple and pear as a menu - Image Credit Steve Hogarty

Food for vegetarians does have its own provisions that contain content in accordance with the menu rules provided by the doctor. Let's say you know it by understanding a balanced diet of nutritional content in it, according to the physical condition of each individual.

You know when vegetarians are generally understood as a diet that does not eat meat, so some people may think, if you already adopt a vegetarian diet then the products consumed are only derived from vegetable. However, in fact there are still groups of vegetarians who still consume some types of meat or animal processed products.

Surprising events about vegetarian groups can occur this time in an in-flight while traveling to Colombia. The traveler never suspected if then he got a meal that amazed him.

A traveler named Steve Hogarty, quoted in detikTravel, today, when he was about to travel to Colombia, when Steve was using Avianca airlines.

As a vegetarian then he thought he could order food on the plane with a vegetarian menu. Previously when about to receive lunch, he delivered this to the cabin crew.

Well, here seems to be a bit of confusion in the crew kitchen crew cabin, they think hard and discuss about food orders like this, whether food for passengers who previously contained chicken or meat can be replaced with a vegetarian menu.

And surprisingly soon, Steve then hopes for a vegetarian menu, which happens is an apple and a pear on the passenger table. Steve was even more surprised when he was given a fork and a plastic knife as a cutlery.

Steve seems to still be surprised, but then upload comments on his twitter account @misterbrilliant.

"The vegetarian meal on this flight is an apple and pear wrapped in clingfilm, serve with a knife and fork."

It was also shortly before the response of the netizens with a variety of funny comments, so that the airline immediately responded to Steve's upload. They gave a statement that the food received by their passengers was a mistake.

"This is not our standard, so we will definitely investigate as soon as possible."

That's the misconception about vegetarianism, this kind of event is not the first time, as experienced by passengers at several other airlines. Let's say that passengers on Aegean Airlines flights who order vegetarian food are served a menu of one container of celery sticks, carrots and capsicum.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Twitter
Image: Steve Hogarty - twitter @misterbrilliant


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