Hong Kong's Most Visited Tourist Destinations

Euromonitor International disclosed a visit of 25.6 million tourists by the end of the year

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - Image Credit H Yohana

Hong Kong as a tourist destination is just like an obligation for most of the world's tourists today, especially the presence of Chinese tourists who increasingly give color and unique dynamics for tourist visits to various tourist destinations in the world.

Undoubtedly when tourist visits show visit data, Hong Kong became the most visited city of foreign tourists this year, citing CNN Indonesia, Nov. 23, as quoted by Anadolu, data from Euromonitor International earlier this week.

In general, the data of world cities that get the attention of world tourists show interesting things, especially the cities in Asia gets its own attention from many tourists. Let's say one of the world's popular tourist areas, Denpasar, Bali is ranked 50th with foreign tourists visiting as many as 6.2 million tourists which increased by 52.9 percent.

You can see the top 20 world cities after Hongkong, are Bangkok, London, Singapore, Macau, Dubai, Paris, New York, Shenzen, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Rome, Tokyo, Taipei, Istanbul, Seoul, Guangzhou, Prague, Mecca, and Miami.

The data shown by Euromonitor International does cover 100 world cities, but you can see the number of tourist arrivals in the 20 most visited cities of foreign tourists this year.

1. Hong Kong - 26.5 million
2. Bangkok - 21.2 million
3. London: -19.2 million
4. Singapore - 16.6 million
5. Macau - 15.4 million

6. Dubai - 14.9 million
7. Paris - 14.4 million
8. New York City - 12.6 million
9. Shenzhen, China - 12.5 million
10. Kuala Lumpur - 12.3 million

11. Phuket, Thailand - 10.6 million
12. Rome - 9.4 million
13. Tokyo - 9.2 million
14. Taipei - 9.2 million
15. Istanbul - 9.2 million

16. Seoul - 9 million
17. Guangzhou, China - 8.6 million
18. Prague - 8.1 million
19. Mecca, Saudi Arabia - 7.9 million
20. Miami, Florida - 7.8 million

It is a surprise for many tourists, especially those who have never visited the cities, but always have time in the future to cultivate curiosity. Of course.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Anadolu Agency
Image: H Yohana


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