Tourist Visit to Barcelona Down

In the midst of a referendum drama of the autonomous region of Catalonia

City walks of Las Ramblas, Barcelona - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The Catalonia Referendum to escape from the central government in Madrid seems to have a wide impact on the various sectors of life in the country of Matador, and the immediate reality is that the number of tourist arrivals to Barcelona declines.

No one doubts the hustle and bustle of tourists in the famous area, the streets of Las Ramblas with offers that can tempt the tourists, the place where the entertainment is presented, the row of cafés offering a variety of drinks and food.

Barcelona now has a share of news related to the referendum of Catalonia, which took place in October yesterday. Quoting CNN Indonesia news, November 1, although the crowd is not too felt in the streets, regardless of the impact on the visits of world tourists.

You know the warmth of this city of Barcelona with its architectural design, especially the works of Gaudi, the colors and the mosaics that you will love. Being a witness to the splendor of the Sagrada Familia and Catedral De Barcelona, ​​as well as the fairy tale in the long corridor of Parque Güell, is one of the stunning examples.

But. Booking flights to Barcelona fell by as much as 22 percent since early October, citing Travel and Leisure, according to ForwardKeys analyst company data.

Other data from STR indicates the cancellation of hotel bookings, the number of tourists canceling their orders is quite large by the second week of October.

Olivier Jager, CEO of ForwardKeys in his interview.

"Political upheaval keeps tourists from coming back, as it is today."

Uncertain conditions make the tourists reschedule a trip to Barcelona.

"Not only in Catalonia, this situation will also affect the conditions of tourism in Barcelona, ​​because tourists who come to Spain usually around."

The media reviews wrote the Catalonia referendum drama colored by riots in the city center, where tourists usually gather to hangout.

The facts show the tourism industry is a major supporter of the Spanish government wallet, as it accounts for 11 percent of the country's revenues.

But. Traveling to the country of the matador is still conducive to the tourists, regardless of their desire in the subconscious to travel to Barcelona.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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