The Best Way to Sleep on an Airplane

Giving pads to your back is the best way for you to sleep on a flight

Passengers got ready for the plane - Imahe Credit M Kretyawan

Sleeping in a flight can be done if you enjoy a first-class flight with all the best facilities for passengers. But. What happened when you boarded a plane on an economy class? Maybe you will feel a situation that is otherwise or perhaps less supportive of plans to sleep on air travel.

In other words not all the traveler can sleep while traveling on the plane, citing reviews in detikTravel, today, especially in the cabin of a fairly narrow economic flight.

An interesting review when looking at the needs of passengers to sleep on the plane, a powerful way to do it, as might be possible. That there is one side that is most likely to cause you to sleep on the flight, which is to give a cushion to the back.

As it was written later, that two types of people in flight, first those who can sleep on the plane and those who spend hours staring at the seats in front of them. Well then, you can take a break, put a pad on your lower back while you're going to sleep.

The President of the Chiropractors Association of Australia or the spinal expert, Andrew Lawrence, quoted by The Sun, said the most comfortable position to rest on the economic seat is to lean slightly.

"As far as the study of the spine, the pelvis and the area where the spine meets are under the greatest pressure as we sit up and awake."

He added that the pillow function at the base of the lower spine or back is to help reduce pressure on the lower back and pelvic joints.

"But when we sleep, the neck takes the biggest pressure."

He suggests the best lying position on the plane is only about half of the usual sleep state, it is useful to provide relief to hold the head and not too pressing pressure on the hip.

So the tilted chair is not the only rest stop when on the plane, and please also note that most of the traveler is still wrong in using travel cushions.

Meanwhile, according to one of the world's leading sleep experts, Dr. Michael Breus, and a professional in terms of sleep on the trip called the travel pillow should be reversed when worn.

What does it mean?

"One thing I say to my client, if you have a U-shaped neck pillow, how to use it is by turning the U part under the chin."

Proper use to make it more comfortable is not to use it as a neck cushion.

"It will minimize the movement or shaking that causes your head to shake right or left."

Source: A Masaul Khoiri -detikTravel, detikCom, The Sun
Image: M Kretyawan


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