Want Skinny Girl Friend, Crowded in Social Media

A man issued a complaint in social media, he gets a crowded response from netizens

Complaints from the man - Image Credit Humans of New York

Want to have a skinny girl friend to be one of the dreams of a man from New York, maybe in his heart he was disturbed all this time. Do not know where to make a complaint, maybe he hesitate if delivered directly to his girl friend. He knows it will have risks or other possibilities, that is the meaning of a relationship between spouses.

He sees the girl friend being overweight, simply saying because she often hunts culinary, and he asks his girlfriend to be thin for him!

Reasonable enough desire from a man, maybe, so the thought of the man. He has been dating the lover for 1.5 years, but something that has been bothering him.

Love is weird and unique at the same time, quoting detikFood, today, love partner should love all the advantages and disadvantages. He was unable to contain his feelings, then issued a complaint on the Facebook page "Humans of New York" which contains all the story of New Yorkers.

Of course not to be too flashy, he uses a pseudonym for the sake of his feelings about romance over the years.

He wrote with all his heart there.

"We had a great date, everything from him was what I wanted, I did not want to ruin something good for a small reason."

No one guessed what he meant, the 'little thing' turned out to refer to his partner's excess weight.

You know, it turns out that this upload gets more than 30,000 comments and is almost shared 1,500 times on Facebook.

"At first I told myself I could get through it, I said 'Look how it works.' But it's been 1.5 years and I feel bad, but I can not get past it."

He gets wind and continues to add his new comments.

"I feel the bad guy is disturbed by this, I can not go directly to him.We'll go to couples therapy next week, but I do not think I can say it.Is there a right way to ask someone to take the weight off for you?"

A netizen on Twitter responded. "If a man can not love a woman because she is overweight, she has no right to love her if she finally decides on a diet for herself."

Then another response provides another insight.

"This man just needs to accept that he is not physically attracted to the woman and he has to move on. It happens to everyone to compromise and realize that it is not working."

Apparently the various responses do not show support for the man, he must accept various ladders that support his lover.

"No, you are a problem person, not your partner. Help her and end this relationship."

Source: AA Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, Facebook "Humans of New York"
Image: Humans of New York


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