The Presence of the Millenials in Cruise Trends

Now buyers are from the younger age of the current era

Cruise Ships at Nassau Harbour, illustration - Image Credit Nora Mayo

The life on a cruise ship is always synonymous with extraordinary facilities, and not everyone can get it in normal daily life. Those who once boarded a yacht admitted it as a super luxury and sparkling ride that can lull the passengers.

It has become common sense when cruise ship owners are those who are believed to have lived such a long life, say they are entrepreneurs who are many old age.

But times have indeed shown a shift of interest in things, citing a review of detikTravel, today, when you know when the owner is usually old, the trend is now shifting to the millennials who are thought to be those of the productive age range 20s to the 35s.

You know through a pretty lively announcement, quoting CNN Style, Thursday, November 23, recently reported that it has been going on an inaugural voyage of Aurora, a huge super luxury cruise worth $ 27 million measuring 49 meters.

The bustle of a night in a place in Italy, precisely in Viareggio, the awe of the audience as Aurora came out of a dock built in 1980 to the launch site of the Mediterranean Sea.

The joyous face of Rossinavi COO, Federico Rossi, the family and corporate company that made Aurora.

"Viareggio is famous for this reason. Our tradition is to see ships going around town at night."

Well, you see the current trend, the age of yacht buyers, Aurora bought by a 30-year-old traveler from Switzerland.

Federico previously admitted. "Most of our customers are 55 to 70."

As per the reviews on the site, that Rossinavi's research shows that cruise owners and yachts are known to be on average getting younger and they believe it may change in the next 20 years to include it in the list of customers in their 30s.

As a result of a joint study by Monaco International University about what a yacht could do for the next millennium with a focus on environmental impacts, the adoption of new technologies, security issues, and the aesthetics of cruise and yacht designs.

"Yacht is a conservative business, and people generally want the same ship, classic, the millennial for us is a great opportunity."

Source: A Masaul Khoiri - detikTravel, CNN Style
Image: Nora Mayo


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