The White House Chéf Asks to Makes Trump's Junk Food Favorite

Trump has a unique culinary appetite including his passion for junk food

Big Mac - Image credit McDonald's

The junk food favorite can be one of the most recent human trends, you can not refuse such a presumption, even a United States President, for example Donald Trump who has a unique personality and appetite that may get a response from many quarters.

Trump does have a unique appetite, citing CNN Indonesia, November 13, who can also enjoy an extra well done steak, dipping the steak into tomato sauce. Even you can know when the POTUS became a big fan of McDonald's world franchise outlets.

This time you also find out if he likes junk food, and boils down to his demand for the White House chéf and kitchen staff to make junk food from his favorite fast food restaurant.

Trump asks the White House chéf, like a quote in Thrillist, to make a Quarter Pounder cheeseburger with extra sauce and no pickles. In fact he is also known to ask the chéf to make fried apple pie.

Meanwhile, in an article in Politico, Annie Karni, one of the staff's authors, revealed that the chef could not satisfy Trump's desire for junk food. Trump seems to be less appreciative of the food made by the White House chéf, because it is considered not similar to the taste of the food in the original restaurant.

A former Trump bodyguard, David Schiller recounts his experiences while working for the president until September 2017, when he was sent to Washington DC to take a burger and apple pie after the White House failed to imitate Trump's favorite food. Even Schiller recounts his experience during the campaign period, because often asked to go buy burgers and pies.

The article writes how the president likes junk food with its distinctive taste. Something that gives its own experience with unexpected, tasty, crisp and practical taste.

"Egg muffins are often reserved for breakfast, and large burgers and fries are the lunch menu."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Thrillist
Image: McDonald's


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