Trends in Japan, Delicious Breakfast Donuts

Donut sandwiches of eggs and ham are savory and delicious

Mister Donut - Image Credit Mister Donut

Culinary in Japan there are many varieties, even you can just find a variety of surprises there, this time a menu for breakfast. Large city dwellers like Tokyo will easily get a new menu of sandwich donuts with a variety of stuffing, which is liked by customers.

Of course many culinary enthusiasts are curious about the creativity of the culinary craftsmen there, you can take the time to a Mister Donut outlet, like an article review on detikFood, November 20, a new breakfast menu that pampers customers for an average price of 172 yen per menu unit, as well as a slightly more expensive pie-scented menu for 216 yen.

Culinary enthusiasts will feel surprise with the new menu dish, they will find one of them baked pies with savory stuffing and various topping toast.

"Very similar to frankfurter pie and tuna melt toast," said a visitor's booth in a cool dewy morning.

Another new menu item to be liked is also a pie containing chicken with five types of vegetables, Shrimp Bisque and Clam Chowder Hot Savory Pies.

Mister Donut's booth is the subject of conversation for the citizens of the city, citing a review on Sora News 24, November 17, the favorite menu dish is breakfast sandwich. You can expect it, when donuts replace bread as usual, Savory Ham and Egg Sandwich Donut that combine eggs and savory ham.

Many kinds of stuffing in donut pieces, customers can choose ham and cream cheese and donut contents of ham and tuna. Feel the joy in the oral cavity for adding a taste of cream cheese and tuna on a tasty ham.

Not yet known whether the new menu from the booth will take place, but this is a good moment for the traveler who is traveling to Tokyo to get a new culinary hunting opportunity, of course the breakfast menu donut sandwich.

According to information from Mister Donut said the delicious breakfast menu is available for a limited time, so it is always possible to be available for the curious traveler.

"We do not know about the newer menu yet, but if there is another new menu it certainly can be considered."

Source: Andi A Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, detikTravel, Sora News 24
Image: Mister Donut


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