Places to Eat for Sumo Wrestlers

A place to eat in Mei-eki Minami area, near Nagoya Station

Typical Japanese resto - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The portion of the meal for the sumo wrestlers seems to be something you can imagine so much and in large portions. Certainly! You can get rid of the curiosity of what portions of their food, a place that has been present since the aftermath of 1948, and the menus of Japanese traditional wrestling sports, Sumo.

Interesting reviews on a travel and food website, TravelKompas, November 25th, can get you a chance to try their special menu, from Chanko Nabe hotpot to the cuisine that the sumo wrestlers love to the typical sashimi dishes.

The restaurant managements clearly know the curiosity of the visitors, presented as room decorations related to sumo, the rank of 1975s wrestlers, photos of famous celebrities, hand stamps and signatures and more.

You can imagine the situation in it that lulls the memory of many of those traditional Japanese wrestlers, the memories carrying far beyond the limits of wishful thinking.

Fish menu - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The special menu of Nabe soup is maintained and unaffected by the changing times as a mixture of 7-8 seasonings such as skipjack tuna, shoyu (Japanese soy sauce), miso koji (one of Japanese taucho), black pepper, and so on. Fans can recognize the distinctive, spicy flavor of black pepper to be the typical flavor of Nabe.

Just like any other Japanese restaurant, guests can also enjoy other menus such as yakitori (Japanese chicken satay), tempura, sushi and tuna sashimi.

Do not skip the typical sake refreshments that have been specially processed, not through the screening process, so restaurant guests can enjoy a completely new flavor of sake as the ideal partner of Chanko Nabe's spicy menu.

Good luck for restaurant guests, especially tourists who want to experience different sensations in a holiday season to Japan, especially when you're in Nagoya. And then can meet with the sumo wrestlers who are resting on the sidelines during the season at the Nagoya Arena.

Source: TravelKompas,
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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