Whiskey Worth 10 Thousand USD Turns Fake

A tourist from China who is in Switzerland claimed to pay dearly in a bar

A glass of whiskey - Image credit Guinnog

A whiskey drink at a bar is usually enjoyed with a friend, or you can even enjoy it on your own for various reasons that people do not know. You know the situation is very fun while passing the time in such a way, and it's a special time.

People are even willing to pay this drink for a high price, there is always a justification for it, as a writer from China did at a bar, Devil's Place last August at the Waldhaus Hotel, Switzerland.

He was enthusiastic about enjoying a Macallan whiskey of 1878, quoting an article on CNN Indonesia, November 5, and as time went by seconds as he enjoyed it as a special moment from his trip to Switzerland.

Alcoholic drinks like whiskey does have its own aroma, citing AFP, the drink is the production of the 1970s. You know when you read some releases in the media, Devil's Place had entered the Guinness Book of World Records, because it offers dozens of types of whiskey drinks, which are cheap to expensive.

At that time, the tourists asked for whiskey, he asked provided the Macallan 1878, which is valued exorbitant prices for one time.

A culinary observer in Switzerland does not immediately believe that the drink is really old and deserve a fantastic price.

The reviews in the media evolved in such a way, the 20minuten.ch news website quoting a whiskey observer's statement from the Rare Whiskey 101 community, the "birth certificate" of the drink turned out to be fake.

Sandro Bernasconi, manager of the Waldhaus Hotel did not want to go on a long polemic with a variety of reasons, he immediately flew to Beijing to meet the visitor who felt cheated.

The visitors at that time also received compensation for such unpleasant incidents as a form of appreciation to their customers.

"The people of Switzerland are keen on honesty and do not want to engage in criminal activity."

As Bernasconi pointed out, he got the 1878 Macallan whiskey from his father who bought it 25 years ago while still managing the hotel.

"All the time we know, we never doubted the authenticity of the drink."

Source: CNN Indonesia, AFP, 20minuten.ch
Image: Guinnog via Wikipedia


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