Hotel Where Sexual Violence Occurs Gets Warning Signs

TripAdvisor gives the device a warning sign for a place to stay

Hotel Lobby and Shops Corner - Image Credit G Badaruzzaman

Sexual violence in the hotels or other residences can happen anywhere, but it is a bad thing to be able to deal with the victims of the hotel's customers. This entails the full attention of the tourist accommodation booking site, TripAdvisor linked to a warning sign for hotel guests to stay at a later date.

Warning that can provide information for prospective hotel guests, quoted CNN Indonesia, November 14, the latest device provided on the site in the form of a warning sign for a place to stay that had been the location of cases of sexual violence and other crimes.

There's a reason for this to be a concern, you can see a busy response about where a suspected stay is the location of a crime case in the TripAdvisor comments page.

The other reviews, reviews in The New York Times, cite an interview with their spokesperson, TripAdvisor hoping that this warning sign can make the manager of the residence improve its safety standards.

Kevin Carter said the spokesman enthusiastically, "The warning sign can be seen for three months since the incident happened. The more complaints, the warning sign will look longer."

Potential hotel guests can consider before they book a room to stay at a tourist destination hotel.

Carter then added about the warning signs given by them.

"These warnings are notifications, not penalties."

Customers feel lucky with the information they get, even if the place gets so many complaints from users that the name of the place of business will be removed from TripAdvisor's recommendations.

"We want users to be able to see the good and bad side of a place of business."

You can see a media-capped place to stay, citing The Independent, like three resorts in the Playa del Carmen area of ​​Mexico, which have a warning sign. As is known that a number of the resort, is Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Iberostar Paraiso Maya, and Iberostar Paraiso Lindo.

When you open a user comments column on TripAdvisor that's interesting to read, especially for those who want to get feedback before reserving lodging.

TripAdvisor has become more cautious in terms of warning like this, after they apologize to Kristie Love, a user from Dallas, United States, who claimed to have a case of rape by security guards in Paraiso Maya.

This happened after the sites computer system deleted the Love's comment wrotes in 2010.

There is no other way for the visitors of the site, Carter will tighten the curation in the comments column, they are sensitive to those who are hurt either to the users or owners of lodging places. Of course.

Source: CNN Indonesia, The New York Times, The Independent
Image: G Badaruzzaman


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