Bagagge Pick-up and Check-in at Home

New innovation in serving passengers from Emirates airlines

The baggage check-in - Image Credit Emirates Airlines

Home Check-in is a service idea for passengers from Emirates airlines that are in the testing phase of new services. You know if they are now more pro-active to provide a new service, when the airline will pick up luggage or baggage and check-in at the passenger's house without a queue.

You will be surprised by a new way of customer service, quoting detikTravel, today, and getting the attention of the airline and constantly being developed by Emirates. Regardless of this innovation is not the first, since 26 October ago, British Airways is working with AirPortr with similar service offerings to passengers flying from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City.

They from the airline will pick up the suitcase at the residence of the prospective passenger, and specifically the passengers can choose pick-up at the hotel or at home. Passengers will need to book in advance at a cost of £ 20, and £ 40 through an application for the Airport team to pick up passenger luggage.

The electronic check - Image Credit Emirates Airlines

You can observe how they perform this service, the airline employees will pick up the suitcase and check it using an electronic check located at the back of the van.

The previous stage is when passengers have to lend passports to be scanned and tickets to see flight details. They have provided a place for passenger goods with a label on top of the suitcase, then immediately provide a check in ticket and carry luggage of prospective passengers.

This was conveyed by an Emirates spokesman to Gulf News, as quoted from

"We are currently doing some initiatives to provide greater convenience for our customers and will share the details immediately."

Passenger luggage will go through X-Ray inspection and put into the trunk of the plane as usual. Everything will change, you no longer have to bother dragging luggage to the airport.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Gulf News,
Image: Emirates Airlines


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