Indian Chéf Cooking for Obama and Bush

Hemant Oberoi is known as one of the famous chefs who cook for the celebrities of the world

Hemant Oberoi - Image Credit Hemant Oberoi @Twitter

Culinary from India becomes more extraordinary in taste and sensation with special preparations from a famous chéf from the country, Hemant Oberoi. For him the cooking is a science and art, even with his conviction if the science of cooking has been mastered then people will understand everything that follows.

Today's interesting reviews on CNN Indonesia, Oberoi is well known in Indian food processing, and is thought to be able to bring Indian cuisine to the international culinary world.

So you can know through the performances of the world's mainstream media, not only to the celebrities of his country, he also cooks for Hollywood celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

And you'll be even more amazed when he cooks for world leaders like former US presidents, Barack Obama and Michelle, former British prime minister John Major, Margaret Thatcher and George Bush and his wife Laura. Extraordinary!

Oberoi discloses the cuisine once presented to celebrities, citing Indian Express, for example to George Bush, former US president, he presents briyani rice with a special dish.

"Briyani is popular among Indians, but most Indians do not realize the proper technique to prepare and serve this food."

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, illustration - Image Credit Garrett Ziegler from New York

His face was happy to tell it, serving Bush with a special glass bowl, so appetizing.

"The container helps to increase the flavor and aroma of spices, besides, the appearance of food is the first impression, if it attracts attention, then it is easy."

Another story as he presents Indian cuisine, but adapted to the tongue of Americans, while he serves former US president Obama, both Barack and former First Lady, Michelle.

Oberoi does have an ingenuity in the service of his food creations, such as the Indian celebrity who is also a close friend, Rishi Kapoor likes the Oberoi-style souffles and lamb, while Neetu Kapoor loves fish-based dishes.

He always advised culinary enthusiasts from anywhere to visit his country, in order to adapt to the unique and 'spicy' Indian spices.

"It's easy to please Europeans and foreigners, it's hard to please Indians, but their tastes are evolving but still-most people do not want to experiment with new dishes, but now they're more open."

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Indian Express
Image: Hemant Oberoi @Twitter, Garrett Ziegler from New York via Wikipedia


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