Glitter Cappuccino That 'Bling-bling' Your Teeth

New trends enjoy a cup of coffee from the big city peoples

miss_vinita_ - Image Credit Coffee By Di Bella

The combination of flavor and the look of coffee became one of the new needs of the urban community that has a unique lifestyle for most of the world's other citizens, and so they coffee enthusiasts put themselves among other friends around them. It may be exciting and interesting, but in the end you can feel the sensation and wonder.

You know about different kinds of brewed coffee with different flavors, this time you can enjoy the unique flavor of cappuccino, as featured on CNN Indonesia, November 9, that it is now not just about the combination of ingredients and also the taste, because the cappuccino also talks about the look .

You know of a cappuccino known as a traditional Italian beverage with a top layer of milk froth - usually garnished with chocolate powder. And more specifically the cappuccino can be given a different dose will give a different taste as well as the wishes of coffee lovers.

Try noticing the blend that is commonly seen in this coffee, the latte art decoration becomes one of the attractions for coffee lovers, but you will find something new. The latest cappuccino trends are in addition to the glitter glow.

Notice something that shines in a caffeinated and sparkling cup, three things that the glitter cappuccino aka cappuccino glittering joyfully. You will be tempted to see these shimmings, ordinary cappuccino but special thanks to the edible sprinkling of luster.

ycblogs - Image Credit Coffee By Di Bella

One variant of this luster cappuccino is in Coffee By Di Bella, quoting an article on Metro, a coffee shop chain in Mumbai, India. And, this coffee creations managed to steal the attention of netizens in Instagram.

The soon fluttering trends, not only in Mumbai, Melbourne in Lichfield also feature a glossy cappuccino, then you can see in a cafe in England that also creates a golden luster.

Indeed anyone asks whether these shine is safe to drink? They, the glitter cappucino providers claimed that the addition of glitter will not be harmful to the health and taste of the cappuccino that remains unchanged.

Despite all the glitter cappuccino hype, a weekend will be fun by bringing a close friend with you, let's hangout at a coffee shop. Certainly!

But. Something surprising can happen, pay attention to your teeth, because after drinking glitter cappuccino it can be shiny tucked between the teeth.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Metro
Image: Coffee By Di Bella @Instagram


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