Tour Buses Disrupt Hollywood Tranquility

Cause congestion and reduce the beauty of the scenery in the Hollywood Hills

Hollywood - Image Credit Discover LA

Traveling to Hollywood can be one of the destinations of tourists from various to the country, when they choose the American mainland as a destination for a trip. You can tell if they are for very specific reasons and especially look at the splendor of the region where the world movie stars are gathering.

No one rejects the notion that the arrival of tourists is a kind of advantage for a tourist area, as featured on CNN Indonesia, November 10, but there is a risk if there is no regulatory system, so the presence of tourists even create chaotic atmosphere.

You can see the density of tourists there, because it makes the Hollywood Hills area feel more vibrant, different, many tourists who come to see with the direct paradise of the world celebrities.

They the tourists look enthusiastic about bringing the camera, they walk on foot to take pictures, others ride a tour bus. But there is something that interferes with the existence of the tour bus, because it gives impact on congestion and reduce the beauty of the scenery in the Hollywood Hills.

The Los Angeles City Council responded promptly, citing The New York Times, having enacted a regulation on the hours of operation of the tour bus, all now governed by coverage of loudspeakers and bus routes.

And as evidence of the city government's seriousness, then the new regulation began to be implemented this week.

This is reinforced by a statement from a member of the Los Angeles City Council, Anastasia Mann.

"Currently there are about 100 bus tours that operate every day. They crowded the streets and it's starting to get annoying."

Mann has also briefed city tour guides, so as not to lie about the history of Hollywood.

Some examples may seem ridiculous, for example many of them say that this artist lives here, and the artist lives there. When you see the reality is not so.

Mann wanted the concept of Hollywood tourism to be packed better.

"We want tourists who come to be treated well and go home with a sense of pleasure. They can then spread a good message about Hollywood."

Source: CNN Indonesia, The New York Times
Image: Discover LA @instagram


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