Coffee and Bikini in Phoenix

An unique dish from a coffee shop, bikini barista girls

Oreos and Chocolate Frappe - Image Credit Bikini Beans Espresso

Bikinis, baristas and a cups of coffee are an exciting blend and are able to tempt visitors and especially those who are fans of coffee. Maybe you can enjoy coffee alone, but the presence of the baristas makes coffee taste a great sensation for anyone of visitors, especially men.

You can taste the atmosphere present there, enjoy every menu they offer, espresso of course, cappuccino, caffe latte, americano, and oreo dish and chocolate frappucino and more.

This time it will get a different coffee from the city in Arizona, Phoenix, a trip to a café with barista bikini girls. Present the curiosity of many visitors, does this place really offer something different?

A great strategy from café owners, beautiful girls, and bikinis to be a mainstay of them the actors of the tour, including culinary entrepreneurs of course. A café named Bikini Beans Espresso in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

The Baristas - Image Credit Bikini Beans Espresso

You can reduce the curiosity by visiting their official website, it is true that their cafés employ bikini baristas according to their brand name.

Good culinary effort with coffee as the main dish, like the reviews on detikTravel, today, the coffee café with its bikini barista has a mission to inspire women to live life to the fullest.

"We have the right to work with elegance and confidence, regardless of business clothing or bikinis."

You can see for yourself, this café is not too big in size, but you as a visitor will be greeted kindly by them from the beautiful bikini barista with a T-shirt with a picture of coffee beans.

Incredible opinion of the visitors, regardless of the sexy barista and able to make male visitors lose focus, their coffee is really good taste.

The Coffee and the Barista - Image Credit Bikini Beans Espresso

This was conveyed by Mike on the Facebook Page of the café.

"The coffee taste is amazing, I will come again."

And. You can not believe that women also love to drink the Bikini Beans Espresso brew, like Sheila.

"Delicious coffee brewed by fantastic ladies, I try a large latte and it tastes good, I stop by to buy my neighbors and become a loyal customer, do not let your bikini divert you, you'll get a good morning coffee from a great team."

Even they provide other menus, such as smoothies to soft drinks. Alright then. I was also interested to go there, and not lose focus. Certainly!

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, Bikini Beans Espresso Pages
Image: Bikini Beans Espresso


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