Big Coffee Shop will open in Chicago

Starbucks plans to open a new store that is big and able to accommodate many fans of coffee

The Coffee - Image Credit S Lee

Favourite coffee by many people is very difficult to know, especially for them, coffee enthusiasts always have its own criteria. And not always the indulgence of a particular brand becomes their guarantee of switching to other types of coffee.

If you're in a big city, walking in the morning after you leave the house, going to the office, the temptation to get coffee will just happen.

It seems that coffee enthusiasts continue to grow, quoting an article on CNN Indonesia, May 4, this is being noticed by coffee producers, say leading brands, such as Starbucks who already have plans to build a magnificent Starbucks building in Chicago.

It can be said later when coffee enthusiasts will feel a different atmosphere, they will be spoiled, quoted from Travelers Today on Wednesday, May 3, the building is indeed dedicated to coffee enthusiasts.

A magnificent building called Starbucks Roastery, a four-story building that will open in 2019.

Can you guess if their boss, Howard Schultz, admitted very happy with the plan to open Starbucks Roastery in an official interview on Travel Pulse.

"We want to give visitors a coffee experience with a more diverse selection."

His incredible enthusiasm with their plans.

"Buyers can also see the process of making coffee drinks up close. Starting from baked, brewed and packaged."

It is possible for coffee enthusiasts to know the business activities of Starbucks before, because they have a coffee building with a concept like this in Seattle. The city where the coffee shop was born, and Starbucks Roastery has also been open since 2014.

They are consistent with their concept, Starbucks Roastery is also planned to open in New York in 2018, although it is recognized today that the coffee building in Chicago is the largest in the world.

Keep in mind, coffee enthusiasts might know, when Starbucks Roastery has also existed in a number of countries, such as Shanghai, Milan and Tokyo.

No doubt, if Schultz hopes to open 20-30 branches of Starbucks Roastery in the future.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today
Image: S Lee - Melbourne


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