Wrong Route Passenger from Paris to Newark

Lucie Bahetoukilae was supposed to fly from Paris to Newark, but arrived in San Francisco

United B777-222ER in SFO - Image Credit Bostonalejandro

Fly route errors can happen to anyone, when a passenger wants to fly to a city, but arrives elsewhere. Mistakes can stem from many things, say, for example the passenger's inaccuracies one of them or perhaps a process error at the check-in desk.

This time a more or less similar incident occurred, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, for example, happened at a United Airlines, when they flew a passenger named Lucie Bahetoukilae, supposed to fly from Paris, France to Newark on April 24th.

But what happened was a route error from the plane that the passenger boarded, instead flying it to San Francisco, due to the negligence of the company's check in officer at the airport.

I can guess how the passenger feels, there are many mixed feelings, annoyed, tired and desperate.

Bahetoukilae who speaks no English does not get any notification either via telephone calls or electronic mail from United Airlines, in a family and vacation trip, quoting an article on the Telegraph, that there has been a change of departure gate on the plane she should have been on.

Certain occasions at the departure gate, gate changes occurred in the final minutes of departure. You can wonder why the United Airlines airport personnel did not check Bahetoukilae's boarding pass and ban her from boarding the wrong plane.

The situation was getting worse, having landed in San Francisco, and the United Airlines officer realized they had flown the woman into the wrong city. They did not even know what to do, Bahetoukilae waited for an 11 hour flight that drove him to the airport of her destination.

Bahetoukilae's nephew, Diane Miantsoko in an interview with ABC7 on Tuesday, May 9, said that after the incident, the airline just sent an apology and promised not to repeat the same mistake.

"It's not a question of money, but I'm concerned about why United Airlines is not sanctioning its negligent employees."

Interesting note is the incident itself, one of these flight routes takes place some time ago the furor down a passenger, due to an overbooked error.

What a day!

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph, ABC7
Image: Bostonalejandro via Wikipedia


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