Negative Reviews on TripAdvisor Can be a Hassle

A mother and a part time English nurse had to deal with the law

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Writing reviews about the quality of food in a restaurant is common with many travelers traveling to a tourist destination, say after they have eaten at a restaurant and responded to the comments column provided by the reviewers of service quality.

Maybe you know, even I'm sure you've visited the TripAdvisor website, they provide the facility to comment on food or hotels you've ever visited.

The mother who eats at a restaurant, quoting a review on the site CNN Indonesia, today, admits having dined at a wedding-themed restaurant called "High Rocks" in the Tunbridge Wells area some time ago.

She noted things that did not quite fit with her expectations, quoting the Express site, she was treated harshly and unprofessionally by the waiter.

Well, she had previously received a recommendation from TripAdvisor about the restaurant, and promptly reopened the site, then rated one star in the restaurant comment section while writing 'mediocre at best'.

Unexpectedly. Gardner said she was surprised to receive 11 sheets of mail from a London law firm called Cohen Davis Solicitors.

You know what happened. The law firm says it will sue Gardner on behalf of their client who feels aggrieved.

As written on the Express, Friday, May 19th about the mail sent.

"The material that you write down our clients on is a form of slander and is not legally permitted.Our client will sue you for the negative effects that occur on the comments, at the same time asking you to pay compensation for the losses incurred."

In fact, the law firm asked for a receipt for the paid dinner bill, as evidence that Gardner had indeed dined at a High Rocks restaurant.

"If you do not obey this order, then you can be detained on a court order and may be fined."

Gardner briefly panicked for a moment, but she immediately reacted positively, confidently and did nothing wrong because it gave a negative review of the restaurant.

She replied to the letter while quoting former British Justice Minister Shailesh Vara's statement about the definition of defamation contained in the Act, large companies can not bully or silence citizens for criticizing the products or services they provide.

Law firm Cohen Davis responded to Gardner's letter with a 14-page rebuttal.

"We take the argument you call 'honest comment.' But now you have to prove it in court."

As England recognizes the Defamation Act of 2013, Gardner is lucky!

It is precisely the plaintiffs who must prove that they have suffered serious harm to what they call slander from the other side.

The law firm still asks TripAdvisor to submit a copy of Gardner's comments to their client, along with reviews from other customers. But TripAdvisor has removed the comment.

Perhaps you need to know, Gardner is not the only negative reviewer of the High Rocks restaurant on TripAdvisor that deals with the law.

Want to trip and eat well and comfortably. But. It ended up in court.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Express
Image: L Priyanti


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