Manchester Arena, the Busiest and Largest Stadium in Europe

There was an explosion outside the stadium, 22 killed in concert terror attack

Manchester Arena concert – Image Credit Rob Sinclair

The Ariana Grande Concert last night that took place at the Manchester Arena turned out to be a sad night, when the explosion rocked the stadium, there was a panic in the audience, and 22 people were killed according to the latest news and 59 wounded.

Ariane Grande, the singer of the spectacular concert, is in particular currently in England on a European tour with the “Dangerous Woman Tour” titled singing her last song, and that's when the uproar occurred.

Management has given an official statement related to this incident, namely management of SMG Europe as management of Manchester Arena.

"The incident took place outside the concert arena in an open public sphere, and we thanked and prayed the best for all the victims."

For tourists who are in the city of Manchester, certainly surprised, it is known that this city has a lot of tourist attractions, say one of the ten tourist destination associated with the football club stadium, you know immediately, Manchester United or Manchester City.

The terror event on the other hand gives the curiosity of many tourists, especially Manchester Arena, quotes the sites CNN Indonesia, today who writes about the magnificent stadium designed by DLA construction company Ellerbe Beckett, Ove Arup & Partners, and Austin-Smith.

The 21,000-seat stadium was originally a cinema with seven studio screens, a multifunctional stadium, and a multi-storey car park. The stadium, which operated since July 1995 under the name NYNEX Arena, the company sponsored the construction of the stadium which spent 52 million pounds.

The stadium sponsorship made it renamed several times, such as the Manchester Evening News Arena from July 1998 to December 2011.

Tourists are familiar with the name of Manchester Arena since January 2012, although briefly renamed a brand of mobile phone, Phones 4u Arena for two years before returning to its original name.

The ingenuity of stadium management in giving stadium facilities as concert venues and musical performances has a wide impact, and no wonder if many world music groups perform there, ranging from U2, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pavarotti, Oasis, New Order, Simply Red, Take That, Five and others.

Tourists also know the popularity of this stadium, they always provide time to be able to visit just to take some interesting photos.

But. Last night, all shocked. Bombs exploded outside the stadium near the exit gate. That's very heartbreaking!

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Wiki
Image: Rob Sinclair via Wikipedia


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