The World, The Floating City of the Millionaires

Travel around the world at home over 'floating city'

The World docked in Melbourne, 2010 - Image Credit VirtualSteve

The largest and most luxurious cruise ship on earth, so the picture you can give when looking directly at the shape of this magnificent ship. Although luxury yachts are nothing new for the world's top class society.

But. How do you imagine when you have a house unit on a big cruise ship, the largest privately owned residential yacht, say a floating town over a vast ocean?

Incredible experience gained, quoting an article on the CNN Indonesia site, today, a floating city called The World, and traveling the world on it, seems to be available to those super rich communities.

The most extravagant cruise ship on earth, as quoted by CNN Travel records The World as a 644-foot size equipped with premium amenities that are not cheap, including the world's best tennis courts, a 7,000-foot spa Square and fitness center, and wine collection of 12 thousand bottles.

As reviewed by the journalist on the site, Jenni Marsh, Tuesday, May 9.

"The ship has visited 1,213 ports and sailed 641 thousand nautical miles."

As The World has known to have traveled to two of the most remote areas on earth this year, the Ross Seas in Antarctica, and Melanesia near Papua New Guinea, and first sailed 15 years ago.

And you'll be even more amazed at the situation above, 12 deck filled with luxury compartments can not be rented, but must be purchased by the devotees.

"There are at least 165 luxury apartments on board sold from US $ 3 million for studio type and US $ 15 million for three-bedroom apartments."

Guests who can board aboard are those who have received invitations sent specially from one of the residents who are their colleagues.

One of the owners of the apartment, Lillian Veri said, the sixth deck on the ship was originally reserved for hotel rooms, rental income was used by the owners to subsidize the operation of the vessel.

Then the managers of the yacht changed the business model by selling the apartment, and only the super rich dweller could board the ship as the owner of the apartment.

They, among others, are well-known lawyers, doctors, architects, to big businessmen, as well as shareholders who can determine ship routes every year.

And in 2006, all apartments on board were sold out.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, CNN Travel
Image: VirtualSteve via Wikipedia


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