Eating At The Restaurant To Be Enjoyable

Prepare for a comfortable atmosphere and all satisfied

Chéf prepares its special meal - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

A good meal on weekends can be a fun activity if you can make a good preparation, because you need to know when most restaurants are always full of visitors.

When the restaurant is full, there is no other way you have to wait, like the quote of an article on the site detikcom, May 5, even the menu can happen that you expect has been exhausted.

Isn't this really out of expectation?

Of course you need to do some things, to eat with family or children, should do the preparation at least a day before.

1. Call the restaurant first

This is necessary if you eat with more than 4 people or entertain guests, and you can choose the preferred seating option.

Likewise for the best-selling menu and limited, it's good to give message first, so kitchen staff will be more leverage to prepare your order.

2. Not necessarily all requests granted

Not all of your requests can be granted by the owner of the restaurant, so seating orders and food items can be discussed further.

Let's say the type of shrimp you want is not in stock, the favorite seats you've targeted are already ordered by others.

3. Restaurant staff also have competence

Especially in a starred restaurant, the butler has the competence on the menu offered. Show a worthy attitude to their work, and give respect.

They have served well and maximally, the maid staff, the kitchen up to the head chéf have the competence and standard of work.

4. Notify if in a hurry

In special cases in some starred restaurants, there is a separate service on your desk, though in practice the waiters have to take care of 2-3 tables at a time.

They will look troublesome, when requesting added orders, plates or changing napkins do as they focus to your table.

When you are in a hurry please let them know from the beginning, so they are quicker to serve your order.

5. Always be friendly and proportional

In case you bring children and there is some messy food, it's not wrong to tidy yourself. Place reasonably, because the maid is not a housekeeper.

Should be friendly and polite whenever asking for help, they serve with a smile of course the atmosphere will be more enjoyable meal.

The weekend together would be great if it had been well planned, when you could prepare it from afar.

Source: O Winneke Setiawati - detikFood
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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