Not Excessive Eating While in the Restaurant

5 steps that need to be done by people who like to hunt culinary

The Japanese resto, illustration - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Eat enough to be healthier is the latest lifestyle worthy of the millennials, of course for those tourists who love local food at tourist destinations. Eating at a restaurant is an opportunity that is tempting, so you may lose control.

You take a walk in a local culinary area, citing the sites of detikcom on May 13, say with friends or with family and kids, and it's time to relax while enjoying a different atmosphere.

You'd better control yourself, and not order everything on the menu, though it's tempting.

1. Determine first the main meal

You can study the menu as a whole, then decide the main course, like beefsteak or seafood.

Each main course is generally equipped with salad, potatoes, rice or pasta, so the desire to taste the entrees or small bites is more controllable. Better to share with friends or other family.

2. Avoid sweet drinks

Sweet drinks like fruit juice, mixed ice, coffee and tea concoctions are very tempting, but sugar intake will provide extra calories and give a sense of satiety.

You can order fresh water, or cold tea.

3. Enjoy more variety of food

The opportunity to eat in restaurants is to enjoy a variety of foods, because more varied nutritional content.

More types of food will give a longer satiety, this is done by way of 'sharing'. And the opportunity to enjoy various types of food in small portions.

4. Plan your dessert at first

You can set dessert from the beginning, say the kind of menu like Lava Cake that makes you prepare to enjoy at the end.

This way of making you from the beginning can set the portion of food, so as not too full considering the delicious dessert.

5. Buffet menu should not be tasted all

Buffet menu is tempting, you see various types of food served that can attract appetite.

But that does not mean all should be tasted, just try to taste what you think is interesting, like a salad or soup before starting to eat the main meal.

The opportunity to eat at the restaurant is an exciting moment with friends and also with the closest family members, say on a great weekend. Enjoying food also needs to be a healthy part.

Source: O Winneke Setiawati - detikFood, detikcom
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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