Rose ‘doughflower’ Donut Becomes a New Favorite

The latest creation objects in the form of beautiful roses

‘doughflower’ Donut - Image Credit Doughnut Plant

Donut form has been understood by anyone with a distinctive shape, round and hollow in the middle. Although there are other variants, generally always return to the original form that is considered more acceptable by many fans.

Creation of donut cakes apparently can not stop, as written on the site detikcom, today, say the work of Dominique Ansel, who popularize the creation of donuts with croissants to "cronut", and maybe you know "bonut" by chéf Alton Brown, apparently the culinary connoisseurs do not stop creating.

When moments of Mother's Day arrive, they are looking for a new idea, resulting in a beautiful rose shape for the anniversary.

No doubt if certain flower objects such as roses are often chosen as a form of fondant creations, butter cream, candy or chocolate because of its beautiful shape. You'll see for yourself, how they are creative to create a unique new cake shape, and inspire to 'doughflower'.

A donut outlet in New York City, Doughnut Plant as written by The NYTimes site on May 8, as a creation by the owner created this special donut for Mother's Day memorial in America on May 14th.

You'll enjoy different things in the look, the donut dough circling like rose petals, with strawberry glaze creations made of fresh strawberries, roses made from rose water, Italian orange blood flowered orange flowers.

Mark Israel, the creator as well as the owner of the outlet, is known as a creative cake expert and always has a new idea for pastry creations. And maybe you've stopped by and enjoyed their another creations, rectangular donuts, ripple donuts, and classic donut at the legendary "Doughnut Plant" store.

Creation of donuts that may feel different on your tongue, donut produced is a donut with yeast or known as a ‘classic donut.’

You can plan a trip this weekend, look for a unique donut booth, enjoy something new, 'doughflower' that goes on sale yesterday for $ 5 a piece at all of the Doughnut Plant branches in America.

Source: O Winneke Setiawati - detikFood, The New York Times
Image: Doughnut Plant


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