Tourists Access to Manchester Closed Partly

As a result of the bomb blast at Manchester Arena on Monday night, May 22nd

Exterior of Manchester Arena – Image Credit Matthew Hartley

A suicide bombing that left 22 people dead on Monday night has brought a lot of grief for Britons, especially for Manchester city residents. So that some services for the public, including for tourists get certain restrictions.

You know the impact is so vast to many aspects of life, quoting an article on the site CNN Indonesia, May 24th, tourists can no longer be free to get there, I think you should discourage to go there. For the time being.

You can tell if the Victoria train station operator closest to the Ariana Grande music concert bombing site at Manchester Arena is still closing its services for the sake of police investigation.

Train services, as written on the Express, National Rail, known as the carrier of the train network in the UK, decided to close the station after a devastating event at Manchester Arena that killed 22 people and 59 wounded.

They delivered an official statement related to the event.

"We will not operate the train from and to Victoria Station for the next few days, and passengers are advised not to be at the station or around the Manchester Arena."

Regardless of this, National Rail is still open service for passengers who want to visit Manchester through another station in the city, the Manchester Piccadilly station.

The impact for tourists is a little difficulty in reaching the city of Manchester, in addition to trains, The Automobile Association (AA) also informs the road users to pay attention to the closure of a number of streets.

As the largest road-driving organization in the UK, it provides assistance to the authorities, and they submit a statement through their official AA website.

"Both A56 and A6 road directions to Manchester are closed with the aim of helping police investigate."

Of course it can be troublesome to many interested parties to this city, especially for tourists who are visiting, for example the main streets in the city of Manchester, such as Deansgate, Corporation, Todds, and Chapel Road is also still closed by the Manchester Police HQ.

They provide a way out for tourists, say from the Manchester Police Force who advise to use public bus transportation that still operates on the Queens Street.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Express
Image: Matthew Hartley via Wikipedia


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