Coffee with the Mice at a Café in San Francisco

Rat Café featuring a different sensation with the entourage of the rats

Rat on the shoulder - Image Credit Inge Habex

The rats in the restaurant can make you feel annoyed, while enjoying a dish on a bright sunny afternoon with a friend. The presence of rats will make anyone feel annoyed, even a restaurant will be abandoned by its customers.

Needless to be surprised, as quoting from the article on the site CNN Indonesia, May 22, wherever these animals are present, at home, on the small streets, small animals are usually regarded as annoying animals because it can damage the household furniture or other objects in the office workplace and surrounding .

You can imagine if a restaurant, when the presence of rats can damage its reputation, mice are considered as disgusting and dirty animals.

Consumers will also choose to escape from the restaurant.

This time you can be surprised again, and again startled. As written on the Metro UK website, different things happen in San Francisco Dungeon, you'll find a café of rat named after its service, Rat Cafe.

Come on do not be surprised, if customers who come to the café will certainly enjoy a cup of coffee and food with the rats.

You can provide specific and personal responses, how you feel, knowing the rats will be there for you while sipping a cup of coffee.

Funny or uncomfortable?

You'd better try it out by coming to it, and that's the best time to judge it. True, customers who already enjoy it can give an answer.

But. Information received about this special cafe, the rat café will only be open for two days in July. If you're curious to try it, you just have to spend $ 50 for a cup of coffee and be accompanied by the mice.

They say that the cost is tantamount to eating as much because the presentation of coffee and cake is buffet and free taken at any time.

I think it's really amazing, different, and maybe a little crazy. You will not know what to feel when you meet the mice. Better still, someone can adopt the mouse if they fall in love with them.

That's how it goes, according to the explanation given about the desire to adopt.

"The mice are ready to be adopted through the non-profit organization, Bay Area Rattie Ratz."

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Metro UK
Image: Inge Habex via Wikipedia


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