Pee in the Bottle, Passenger Fines

The Ryanair airlines gives the fines of a male passenger who is caught

Ryanair Boeing B737-800 - Image Credit Ryanair

The urinals at the airport and in the plane are already designed in such a way for anyone who is passengers on the ground, or when they are then in the air. Although sometimes the capacity of each toilet room is not always able to accommodate passengers simultaneously.

Unfortunate incidents can be a big deal when you're on a flight, quoting an article on the CNN Indonesia, May 30th, say at the same time all the toilets in the cabin are fully or occupied, you will have a moment of confusion.

A male passenger caught piping bottles on a flight from Leeds, England to Faro, Portugal.

I do not want to give an opinion, because the crew of the airline cabin of Ryanair give a fine and embarrass the passenger, because the man is not strong enough to resist the urge to urinate.

This incident was interesting enough, according to Sue Francis, one of the passengers, who understood why the passenger had to pee in the bottle because all the toilets in the cabin could not be used.

This was conveyed in an interview with the site Travelers Today on Tuesday, May 30th.

"It was a late flight, and when the plane was ready, all the passengers were asked to hurry up and the toilet at the front of the cabin was damaged, so there was a queue in the back of the toilet."

The man took an empty drinking water bottle, rushed to the crew's special room and finished his urge to urinate.

But. He was out of luck, a cabin crew caught the man's action and rebuked in a high tone. Next you know, the man's passenger to pay a fine of US $ 135.

"The incident made the cabin atmosphere excited and the man's partner recorded the incident, knowing that, the cabin crew took the tape recorder with angry tone."

When the plane landed in Portugal, the destination, Francis said airport police officers were on standby to pick up the man at the arrival gate.

The positive attitude of Sue Francis, she defended the man's passenger action, and then filed for witness, both of whom went through the interrogation process.

She judged the man to be not guilty in that case, the trip as a whole went well.

"I explained, if all the toilets in the cabin are functioning, this incident will not happen."

Soon, they were free to leave the airport.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today
Image: Ryanair


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